Ancona Fish S.A. began operating in 2002, specializing in the production and export of salted anchovies. Its processing plant is located in the city of Mar del Plata, and supplies major international makets meeting the most stringent quality standards.

Since 2006 it has appended the production, marketing and export of frozen fish, supplying every available species on the Argentine sea to the most demanding international markets. Whether processed at sea or on our plants, rigorous quality controls and inspections carried out before, during and after each process, together with maintaining the cool chain, enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality product right to its final destination. Our company complies with the 91/493 and 94/356 EEC regulatory standards of the European Union and the US HACCP system.

Our trained staff is highly committed to maintaining our quality standards and meeting our clients demands in a timely manner. This enables us to succed in the most demanding international markets, and to build lasting relationships with our clients over time.

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